Becca Nenow

Becca Nenow Headshot

Becca moved to Boone with her family in 2006, and like many people left for school. However, the mountains called her home and after 5 years in college Becca returned to Boone. During Becca's two year term, she wants to help lead during these unprecedented times regarding climate change as well as address the unequal power distribution in the country. The first step in addressing these issues is addressing them at home. Becca's main point of focus while on Town Council is to expand the practice of sustainability, not just in the environment but also to the people in the Boone community and the economic vitality of our mountain town. Walking on some of the abundant trails found in the High Country is Becca's favorite thing about Boone, especially the trail that's just minutes from her front door! How many people can say that?!


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