Edie Tugman

Edie Tugman Headshot

Edie has lived in the area for most of the last 57 years. Though moving for work, she and her husband always felt the mountains were their home! During Edie's two year term, she wants to focus on several issues; repairing the relationship between the Town and the County being one of them. In order to help Boone flourish, we need to work together, not against one another. Affordable housing is desperately needed in this area, including workforce housing, housing for teachers, nurses, police and housing for other young professionals. Preserving residential neighborhoods is a must, which Edie is extremely passionate about. Edie also ran to help support the staff of the Town of Boone and shed light on the amazing things they are doing. Edie's favorite thing about Boone is just about everything! The combination of the people who live here as well as how much the community cares for one another.


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