Virginia Roseman (She/Her)

Virginia Roseman

Virginia was first appointed to Town Council in Spring 2021, and was reelected during the November 2021 election season. Living in Boone for 24 years, she has raised her family here and has no desire to call another town home! Virginia was elected into a 4 year term, and she is excited to watch Boone grow and prosper during the years to come. Virginia ran for one purpose- to serve. She loves to serve others, and believes that giving back to the community is one of the best things a citizen of any town can do! She has served on a number of boards throughout her time here in Boone, including the Boone TDA and other town boards. By working on these boards for over 13 years, Virginia gained knowledge which she plans to use to better the community. Virginia's main focus while on Town Council is to help mend the relationship between Watauga County officials, the small business community in Boone and App State representatives. In a town with such a small landmass, many entities call this town home. Working together is the only way for both short term and long term projects in Boone to be completed, including adding additional parking, traffic issues, affordable housing and others! 


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