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Town of Boone Proclamation Request Form

  1. Would You Like to Receive a Copy of the Proclamation?
  2. Please include all text for the proclamation above. Your draft should have a maximum of 210 words and show the importance and relevance of the proclamation to the citizens of the Town of Boone. To view a sample proclamation, please click the "Sample Proclamation"

  3. If you have not already, please use the space below to cite the sources for any statistics and/or information used in your suggested text. This will help us to verify this information.

  4. If not requesting a Council meeting, indicate N/A

  5. If not requesting a Council Meeting, please indicate N/A

  6. Disclaimer

    Requests are honored at the Mayor’s discretion. The Mayor reserves the right to decline any proclamation request or edit any draft language. Requests for proclamations to be presented at council meetings are also approved at the discretion of the Mayor.

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