Cemeteries in Boone Mapping Project

We're mapping Boone's Cemeteries!

The Town of Boone Historic Preservation Commission worked on a project to map Boone’s cemeteries.  Cemeteries are important focal points in the lives of town residents and can be an important genealogical and archaeological resource with respect to the community’s history.  The Town of Boone Historic Preservation Commission was tasked by the Boone Town Council to map the cemeteries within the Town of Boone.  While we have concluded the Boone Cemetery Survey period, we welcome information in order to document the history of cemeteries within the Town and potentially identify the grave-sites of historically significant persons.

We would love to hear from you if you are aware of any local cemeteries or gravesites or have other information that may help with this project.  On this page, viewers will find: (1) a list and map of cemeteries whose locations have already been mapped and (2) an online form that asks for details on any cemetery you wish to be included in the mapping project.

Not able to participate electronically? No worries, please contact Jessica Mitchell, Advanced Planning Specialist with the Town of Boone Planning & Inspections Department by phone at 828-268-6960 or by email at jessica.mitchell@townofboone.net.

Town of Boone - Cemetery Map (Feb. 21 2022)

Please use the “Map ID” number within the legend at the left to find the location of the cemetery on the map above. 

To view the map larger, see the PDF version included in the Helpful Documents below.

Boone Cemetery Mapping Project

Cemetery Mapping Online Form

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  3. Please provide the address of the cemetery. This can be found using the Town of Boone online GIS mapping service. 

  4. Please provide the Parcel Identification Number. This can be found using the Town of Boone online GIS mapping service. 

  5. Please provide the Historic Name of the cemetery, if known. 

  6. Please provide the number of grave sites, if known. 

  7. Please provide the ownership of the cemetery, if known. 

  8. Please provide the name of any historically significant person(s) in the cemetery. 

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Please use the Town of Boone online GIS Mapping Service to locate property information by address, name, or parcel identification number.