Deer in Boone

Be on the Look Out!

We love all of our residents here in Boone, including our fellow furry friends. However, in ordTwo Baby Deer in a Field Looking at the Cameraer to help keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe, please do not feed the wildlife, especially the deer. We ask that you observe our natural fauna, and not interact with our four-legged residents .

While normally pretty skittish, our deer population has grown accustomed to people feeding them, which has led them to hang out closer to the trails of our parks. Not only is this dangerous for the deer, it’s dangerous for you as well!

Deer are beautiful creatures, but they are wild animals. There is always a chance the deer could get spooked and accidentally harm you, someone nearby, or itself, which is something we always want to avoid! Deer also carry diseases and pests which can affect humans as well, namely deer ticks. Additionally, the more deer become accustomed to our lifestyles, the closer they get to the road, which can ultimately end in an accident which could harm you, your vehicle, and the deer itself.

Be Alert for Deer While Driving

Please remember to watch out for deer when driving. Half of all deer strikes happen September through the end of the year, so remember: 

  • Slow down in areas posted with deer crossing signs and heavily wooded areas, especially during the late afternoon and evening.
  • Deer often travel in small clusters, so if you see one deer near a road be alert for others. 
  • If you see deer near a road, slow down and blow your horn with one long blast.
  • Always maintain a safe amount of distance between your vehicle and others, especially at night. If the vehicle ahead of you hits a deer, you could also become involved in the crash.