Community Assistance Program

Community Helping Community:

As a Town of Boone Water & Sewer customer, you have a unique opportunity to support Community Assistance, a program which provides financial support to nonprofit community organizations that deliver much needed social services in Boone. In this program, participating customers agree to add an additional fixed amount to your monthly water/sewer bill or make a one-time donation. The customer is in full control of the amount added to your bill and when you multiply it by the number of community members who participate, it adds up to make a major impact on our community. 

How does the Community Assistance Program Work?

Donations are voluntary and appreciated. Sign up using the form attached and your additional fixed amount or your one-time donation will be added to your water/sewer bill. Each contribution adds up to make a positive impact in your community. Please check with your tax professional for tax deductibility. 

How will the Donations be Used?

Money collected by Community Assistance will be disbursed to charitable organizations that agree to provide assistance for people in Boone through a contract with the Town of Boone. Each year the Town Council appointed Outside Agency Funding Committee will recommend to Town Council nonprofits for funding, determine a rate of funding and they will evaluate the program to ensure its continual effectiveness. Final funding will be dependent on donations made through the program. 100% of contributions go to the agencies involved and there are no administrative charges associated with the program. 

Benefits of Participating:

Many of those who receive support from local non-profits who contract with the Town of Boone are seniors, low-income families with children, homeless and those facing a crisis. Your donations allow Community Assistance to provide assistance to those in our community in need.

Current Nonprofits Partnering with the Town of Boone:

  1. Hospitality House 
  2. Community Care Clinic 
  3. The Children’s Playhouse 
  4. Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture 
  5. Friends of the Watauga County Public Library 
  6. Hunger & Health Coalition 
  7. Mountain Alliance 
  8. Western Youth Network