what you can do now to support sustainability in Boone

  • RECYCLE!The Town of Boone offers curbside sanitation and recycling services to all Boone town residents. Follow this link to learn more about how, when, and what to recycle in the Town of Boone:http://www.townofboone.net/departments/public-works/sanitation-recycling/
  • COMPOST!Composting is a great way to reduce food waste. Did you know that Compost bins are available at no charge to Town of Boone homeowners for the purpose of backyard composting? You may pick up a compost bin at the Public Works Center at 321 East King Street.
  •  Cut down on your water usage.Clean water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource in the world, and it is important to conserve it and use only what you need. Check out the SaveWaterNC initiative from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality that provides tips for how to limit your water usage at home or at your business: https://savewaternc.org/homeindex.php
  •  Limit your energy usage.There are small, simple steps everyone can take to limit energy usage in their homes or businesses. While converting to clean renewable energy is the ultimate goal for the town of Boone, there are a number of steps you can take to make your current energy system less wasteful. Get into the habit of unplugging appliances when not in use, consider taking alternative transportation around town, or invest in eco-friendly light bulbs to light your home. Check out the NC Department of Environmental Quality websiteto learn about the NC Clean Energy Plan and get some tips about how to be more aware of your personal energy usage.
  •  Support our local food systems. Buying produce from local farmers helps to strengthen the community and boost the local economy, while minimizing the environmental impact typically associated with mass producing and transporting foods from further away. In Boone, there are lots of options to shop for local produce and strengthen the local food system. There’s also a town-supported program that works to make local produce more accessible to our wider community, called the Double Up Food BucksProgram. This program allows shoppers to use their SNAP/EBT benefits to purchase local produce. The Watauga Food Councilserves as the umbrella organization for strengthening the food systems within our county, and their website also offers helpful resources.

Appalachian State University, a North Carolina Public University that calls Boone home, continues to make strides toward sustainability. The town of Boone and ASU have worked closely together for environmentally-conscious projects such as daylighting the Boone Fork Creek as part of a future parking deck project. Representatives from ASU have also presented to the Boone Town Council in the past about potential action toward sustainability. ASU welcomes input from students and community members alike in their pursuit of sustainability. Learn more about what ASU has been doing here: