Town of Boone, NC

Contacts By Station and Shift

A Shift B Shift C Shift
Captain Aaron Wilson
Captain Jereme Daniels
Captain Shane Garland 
Captain Dennis Ley
Captain Matt Clark
Captain Matt Krause
Captain Patrick Maxey 
Captain Chris Lyerly
Captain Kyle Hassler
Engineer Daniel Ingwersen 
Firefighter Robbie Walker
Engineer Jay Kerely
Engineer Jacob Burleson
Firefighter John Edmisten
Firefighter Mike Hicks 
Firefighter Ashley Harris
Firefighter Michael Miller
Firefighter Mike Snider 
D Shift (Shift Coverage. Full time)    
Engineer Greg Smith

Boone Fire Main 828-268-6180
Boone Fire Station 1 828-268-6191
Boone Fire Station 2 828-268-6192
Boone Fire Station 3 828-268-6193