General Investigations

(left to right: Detective Reid, Detective Burlingame, Sergeant Osborne, Corporal Eller)


Major criminal investigations in Boone are conducted by the General Investigations Unit. These various crimes can include homicide, serious assaults, robbery, sex crimes, larcenies, fraud and auto theft. Our detectives are also involved in many community activities throughout the year. This unit is also responsible for all crime scene work, including collecting and documenting forensic evidence.

The Boone Police Department is committed to growing our investigative tools, skills and abilities. This unit maintains both an in-house forensic evidence lab for processing physical evidence, and a state-of-the-art digital processing lab for digital evidence from phones, computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

The General Investigations Unit is also responsible for all Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigations. Officers with the Boone Police Department are members of the North Carolina ICAC Task Force. The goal is to protect children from the dangerous individuals that use the internet to prey upon the innocent. Our agency takes this responsibility very serious and our detectives work daily with federal, state and local partners to get the job done. On occasion, these investigations actually lead to the rescue of real children from abusive situations.


If you have any questions or need more information, please email Division Commander Chris Hatton or call 828-268-6942.

Lieutenant Chris Hatton Email 828-268-6942
Sergeant David Osborne Email 828-268-6939
Corporal Kat Eller Email 828-268-6935
Investigator Candace Burlingame Email 828-268-6940
Investigator Jason Reid Email 828-268-6938