Sustainability in Boone

The Town of Boone is committed to sustainability and has adopted ambitious goals to pursue climate neutrality and address climate change. The Boone Town Council has broken down its sustainability goals into three frontiers, focusing on town-wide and government-specific initiatives.

Sustainability and Special Projects Manager, George Santucci, reports directly to the Town Manager. He is responsible for ensuring that the Town of Boone upholds and works towards finding new, innovative, and economically feasible ways to address environmental and social aspects of Town operations and services.

Town of Boone Sustainability Goals:

  • Climate neutrality in municipal operations by 2030  
  • Transition municipal operations to 100% clean renewable energy by 2040
  • Transition the entire town of Boone to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050

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Sustainability Awards/Accolades for Boone 2020:

Sustainability Committee:

The Town of Boone hosts a sustainability committee that guides the town’s efforts toward a more sustainable future. Currently, the sustainability committee is working on a town council request to draft a sustainability toolkit meant to lay out how municipal operations will implement sustainability efforts in a lasting and meaningful way. This sustainability toolkit will focus on the town-wide level of municipal operations, while also breaking down sustainability efforts by town departments so each approach fits to a department’s unique context. The sustainability committee works with town staff to determine the best approaches for sustainability across town departments.

  • Sustainability Committee Responsibilities:
    • “Responsible for establishing short- and long-term goals and recommendations to improve the sustainability and resilience of the community, conducts public focus groups, surveys, and educational programs on various areas of sustainability-related issues, and establishes a yearly public sustainability forum for the purpose of reporting effectiveness of current measures and receiving broad input for new measures.”

Winkler-Hodges-Boone Creek Project:

The Winkler-Hodges-Boone Creek Project is a plan that identifies restoration and stormwater best practices to improve water quality and reduce flooding in the Boone, Hodges, and Winkler Creeks. To learn more, please click hereTo access the Landowner Interest Form, please click here.

Get Involved:

What You Can Do Now to Support Sustainability in Boone

You can get involved by providing public comment at meetings, submitting agenda items for consideration during meetings, or you could apply to serve in vacant spots on town boards, commissions or committees and help get sustainability integrated into broader aspects of town operations.

  • View the meeting schedule for town meetings here.
  • Submit an agenda item for a town meeting here.
  • Apply for a vacant board/ commission/ committee position here.