Water Treatment Facility

The Town of Boone Water Treatment Facility was originally constructed in 1982 with the capacity to treat 3.0 MGD (million gallons per day). The 2007 maximum daily demand (MDD) average was 2.13 MGD, 71% of design capacity and the average daily demand (ADD) was 1.85 MGD, 62% of design capacity.

The Town of Boone has two raw water intakes, the Southfork Intake, which is the primary intake for the Town, and the secondary intake, which is located on Winkler Creek. The secondary intake is used only when needed or in case of emergency. The Town also owns a reservoir on Winkler Creek that has been estimated to contain 60 million gallons.

In 2004, the Town of Boone retained a consulting engineering firm that determined our future water needs to be 7.0 MGD by year 2030. Since we are only allowed to withdraw 3.0 MGD from our existing raw water sources, the Boone Town Council chose to pursue additional raw water resources and begin an allocation method to safeguard our existing water resources until the additional sources have been acquired. Please feel free to contact us for further information concerning this..

The Town of Boone has seven water storage tanks totaling over 4 million gallons of finished water in the distribution system. The Town of Boone has two pressure zones with the highest being in excess of 200 psi. Every year, the Town of Boone Releases a Consumer Confidence Report – 2020 Brochure , which details the drinking water quality in the Town of Boone.

Educational Resources

The Town of Boone has created informational pamphlets regarding questions about your drinking water. These two pamphlets are the Facts About Lead In Your Drinking Water and the Boil Water Advisory Frequently Asked Questions. The Town of Boone also hosts the Every Drop Counts program. This program is meant to educate the students in the Watauga County School System about our water system, how to conserve water and even more fun tips!


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