Streets Division

The sole responsibilities of the Boone Street Division are to maintain the Town of Boone’s 80 lane miles of street infrastructure and traffic safety. There are two departments to assist with this, Street Maintenance and Traffic Operations. The Boone Street Division provides all the traffic control for all town sponsored events, as well as when emergencies may arise. The Street Division also works and assists other departments during special projects.

The Street Division offers many services which include:

Town Streets

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Proper drainage, crack sealing, curbs and guttering, side ditches, street shoulders, speed humps.

Pothole Repair:

  • Temporary patch work to improve road safety.

Corrective Maintenance:

  • Over time, all roadways require some type of corrective maintenance. Techniques such as asphalt patching, surface treatments, street milling, and asphalt overlays are used to repair pavement and maintain an acceptable pavement condition.

Storm Drainage Maintenance:

  • Within the town limits are several miles of drainage lines. Our crews perform new construction and repair projects as well as preventative maintenance activities on the town’s closed storm water infrastructures. This includes new pipe installation, repair and upgrades of existing pipes, pipe cleaning projects, catch basin cleaning and repair, manhole repair, and erosion control projects.

Snow Removal:

  • Due to Boone’s winter climate, the Street Division’s snow removal teams work diligently during our winter months to remove snow and ice. The snow and ice season in Boone may begin as early as the end of October and last until the beginning of April.  The goal of the Town of Boone’s snow and ice control operation is to provide cost effective clearing and removal of ice and snow from town streets resulting in safe travel throughout the town.  This may be achieved chemically with the use of sodium chloride (salt), slag and/or brine solution.  During a storm event, arterial streets receive a priority followed by other main streets.  All streets are treated and/or plowed to achieve as bare a pavement as possible given the weather conditions at the time.  The decision to plow streets or apply treatment or both is not a straightforward matter and requires considerable judgment from those responsible.
  • Crews work on a rotating 24-hour, 7-days a week shift during the storm event until we have bare pavement. Following the storm event, crews haul snow from the downtown area to open parking spaces for the downtown businesses and shoppers.

The Traffic Operations Division offers many services which include:

Pavement Markings:

  • All town streets have pavements markings. We maintain centerlines, stop bars, pedestrian cross walks, bicycle lanes and markings, parking lot markings, handicap parking, etc.

Street Signs:

  • Within the town limits are thousands of street signs, warning signs, parking signs information signs, pedestrian signs, bicyclist signs as well as season and events banners in the downtown area. All these signs are maintained or replaced as needed to meet our reflective requirements. The banners are changed seasonally and for our special events. Our Traffic Operations designs and creates almost all the signs you see around town in their sign lab.

Town Traffic Signals:

  • Traffic Operations maintains 5 traffic signals in town to ensure motorists safety, as well as numerous signaled pedestrian crosswalks.


  • Traffic Operations maintains over 1100 streetlights around town. These lights provide light for our streets, parking lots, intersections, and sidewalks to provide motorist and pedestrians safety. The crew works consistently to repair and replace all lights to new efficient LED bulbs.

Speed Humps:

Speed Humps (also know as Speed Bumps) are created to help keep streets and neighborhoods safe from excessive speeds. The Town of Boone’s Speed Hump Policy is meant to educate citizens about the use of speed humps and how citizens can request to have a speed hump installed in their neighborhood. For additional questions, please contact out Public Works Department at (828) 268-6230.