Sanitation & Recycling

The Town of Boone provides curbside sanitation and recycling services to all town residents in order to guard our natural beauty and reduce landfill waste. Sanitation is serviced on a weekly basis while recycling is serviced bi-weekly. Both services are provided through a contract with Republic Services, Inc.

Residential collection of sanitation and recycling is on the same day of the week with no exceptions.  Click here to see the sanitation & recycling pick-up schedule for your street. Click here to view the Town of Boone 2019 Recycling Calendar.

The recycling program is on a volunteer basis. The town provides free residential recycling bins, which are available at:


Town of Boone
Public Works Department
321 East King Street
Boone, NC 28607
Republic Services, Inc. Boone Office
300 Brook Hollow Lane
Boone, NC 28607



Please place your waste container and recycling cart at the curb the night before or by 6:00am on your scheduled day. If you no longer have a use for the 18-gal recycling bin, you can place it in your new 96-gal recycling cart so that Republic Services can recycle it. Residents that are physically unable to transport the garbage and recycling containers to and from the curb, can contact Republic Services, Inc. at (828)719-3250 for pick up arrangements.

Properly prepare your recyclables by rinsing and flattening (if possible). Do not bundle or bag. Plastic lids, bottle caps and
labels are acceptable to leave on.

Recyclables ACCEPTED in your 96-gal recycling cart:

  • All plastic bottles and containers (#1-#7)
  • Wide-mouth plastic containers & lids
  • Rigid plastics (toys, buckets, plant pots, trays, etc.)
  • Mixed paper, newspapers with inserts, junk mail
  • Computer paper, office paper, color paper, envelopes
  • Gift wrap paper (without foil backing or glitter)
  • Magazines, telephone books, paperback books
  • Cardboard, gift boxes, shoe boxes (flattened)
  • Pizza, cereal & food boxes (no food debris)
  • Milk & juice cartons/boxes (must be empty)
  • Aluminum cans & steel cans including lids
  • Aluminum foil (no food debris)
  • Glass bottles & jars (all colors)
  • Empty aerosol cans (no Paint cans)

Items NOT ACCEPTED in your 96-gal cart:

  • Plastic bags, plastic film or wrap
  • Yard waste, landscape debris, stone or rocks
  • Styrofoam
  • Waxed pasteboard/cardboard
  • Rubber or tires
  • Hazardous waste, electronics & paint
  • Glassware, light bulbs, plate or window glass
  • Clothing or fabric
  • Household garbage or food waste
  • Batteries
  • Ropes, hoses, cords, tarps or wire

Contact Boone Public Works Office for proper disposal of the above non-recyclable items.


  • Place your garbage container and recycling cart at the curb by 6:00am on the morning of or the night before your
    scheduled service.
  • Place your garbage container and recycling cart within 3 feet of the curb with the handle and wheels facing away from
    the street.
  • Make sure the containers are at least 4-5 feet from trees, mailboxes, cars, yard waste, utility poles or any other
  • Place all recyclable items in the Republic Services provided cart for collection by the truck. Do not leave recyclables
    outside the roll-out cart.
  • Notify Republic Services, Inc. if your recycling cart is damaged or stolen.
  • Don’t place construction debris, yard waste or hot ashes in the recycling container.
  • Don’t overfill the cart, the lid must close.
  • Don’t pack recycling contents too tightly.
  • Don’t paint or write on the recycling cart.
  • Don’t remove the cart from your residence.
  • Don’t put garbage/waste materials in the cart designated for recyclables.
The Best Recyclables are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY!!

Multi-Family complex owners/managers may contract with the Town’s private contract, Republic Services, Inc. for the
rental of 96-gal rollout carts for the collection of all residential recyclables listed above. The rental free per
is $2.50 each month. The Town will subsidize a weekly collection service of the rented carts as well as supply each
participating unit with a sturdy 6-gal recycling tote designed to fit neatly under the kitchen sink with a durable
handle for easy transporting of the recyclables to the cart location. Interested complex owners/managers may contact
the Public Works Office at (828)268-6230 for more information.


Boone’s office recycling program provides 18-gal blue bins to all small businesses for the collection of recyclables
same as above. All business recycling is collected on Wednesday of each week. It is requested that the recycle bin be
placed curbside on Tuesday evening at dusk or by 6:00AM Wednesday morning. The 18-gal bins are available at the Public
Works Center located at 321 East King Street.

This recycling collection program is designed for restaurants with ABC Permits.Effective January 1, 2008, the North Carolina General Assembly’s House Bill 1518 requires holders of certain ABC
Permits to recycle recyclable containers of all beverages sold at retail on the premises. The Town of Boone provides
restaurants 18-gal bins to collect these items inside the establishment. Recyclable items collected include all colors
of glass and plastic bottles as well as aluminum cans. Restaurants required to recycle may contact a hauler of their
choice to comply with House Bill 1518.OLD CORRUGATED CARDBOARD COLLECTION (OCC):
Republic Services, Inc. runs a weekly scheduled route for OCC for small businesses. Contact the Town of Boone to
THE PUBLIC WORKS CENTER: Located at 321 East King Street invites citizens to recycle mixed paper including: catalogs,
magazines telephone directories, junk mail, pasteboard, office paper, color paper, envelopes, etc. in the rollout carts
outside and to the right of the building. The public is also invited to recycle corrugated cardboard in the green
corrugated cardboard recycling dumpster located inside the gate in back of the parking lot to left of the building
between the hours of (7am-4pm). During office hours (8:00am-5:00pm) the following items can be dropped off for
recycling: Batteries-only dry cell household batteries (rechargeable or one-time use); compact fluorescent lights (CFLs
are to be placed in a sealed zip-lock bag prior to drop off); used motor oil & filters for those do-it-yourselfers.
Deliver oil/filters to the Fleet Maintenance garage at first bay garage door on left side of building.


  • Garbage should be placed in leak-proof containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Garbage containers should be no larger than a 32-gal container made of galvanized metal, plastic, rubber or other
    material resistant to rust, corrosion or rapid deterioration.
  • Republic Services, Inc. offers a 96-gal rollout garbage container that may be leased from their office. Call Republic
    Services, Inc for more information (828) 719-3250.
  • Place your garbage container and recycling cart at the curb by 6:00am the morning of or the night before your scheduled
    service. Both garbage and recycling containers should be removed from curbside no later that 9:00am the following
  • Garbage is defined as household waste only. Do not put other items in garbage can.
  • The Town provides curbside service for special collection request items on a call-in basis.


  • Aluminum cans
  • Tires
  • White goods (appliances)
  • Plastic bottles (excluding motor oil bottles)
  • Yard Waste
  • Wooden pallets


  • Used motor oil & oil filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Lead acid (car batteries)
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Paint
  • Paint Thinner/remover
  • Solvents
  • Insecticides, toxic waste
  • Household cleaners
  • Varnishes & stains
  • Automotive liquids
  • Gas tanks

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days schedule is set by the Watauga County Sanitation Department. For a calendar
and additional information contact the Sanitation office at

Republic Services, Inc. is closed on Christmas Day. Sanitation and recycling services are collected as scheduled on all
other holidays during the year. The Christmas holiday schedule is published in the local newspapers and is announced on
the local radio stations during the week prior to the holiday.INCLEMENT WEATHER:
In the event of ice and snow, Republic Services, Inc. will run the regular sanitation and recycling routes if the
streets are passable but may be on a delayed basis.
Compost bins are available at no charge to Town of Boone homeowners for backyard composting. You may pick up a compost
bin at the Public Works Center at 321 East King Street.