Multi-Family & Commercial Permits

The following information provides a brief explanation of the procedure for obtaining a zoning permit for development other than single-family dwellings. Generally, it is desirable that the applicant schedules a meeting with Department Staff prior to proceeding with the preparation of plans for the project. At this meeting a general explanation of the project can be presented to staff. The Department of Planning & Inspections will provide any information that may be available regarding the property as it relates to the proposed development. This may include special conditions related to the property such as special flood hazard area impacts, watershed regulations, corridor overlay districts, regulations due to the topography of the property, need for a traffic impact study or other concerns related to the development as proposed. Staff will also be able to respond to questions regarding the provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance. Staff will also review the information needed to obtain a zoning permit and will provide a complete package of information that includes permit applications, fee schedule, and checklist of required information. This information may also be obtained by following the links below.

When the application is ready, an appointment should be made to submit the application. Appointments are scheduled for Friday mornings and may be made by contacting the Planning & Inspections Department at 828-268-6960. Prior to accepting the application the department project manager will review the application to determine that all required information is included. If the application is complete and the required fee is paid then the project is assigned a control number. At that time, the applicant is scheduled to attend a meeting with the Town Technical Review Team to discuss the project 10 calendar days later. This Team consists of the Town staff members involved in the site plan review and includes representatives from the Planning & Inspections Department, Department of Public Utilities, Fire Department, and Public Works Department. This meeting affords the applicant the opportunity to discuss any issues raised by the individual staff members. If the applicant can not attend the Technical Team meeting a letter of findings will be sent to the applicant. When the applicant has addressed the staff concerns, revised plans may be delivered to the Planning & Inspections Department.

If all concerns have been adequately addressed, an approval letter will be issued. After all stipulations of the approval letter have been addressed, a pre-construction meeting can be scheduled with the Environmental Planner. Permits will be issued on the day the pre-construction meeting is held.

The form is in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If you do not have Acrobat, click here to download a free copy.