Planning and Inspections

Unified Development Ordinance

The Planning and Inspections Department administers and enforces the Town of Boone Unified Development Ordinance
(UDO). The UDO is an ordinance regulating and controlling the development of land and matters relating thereto within
the Town of Boone to promote and protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community, and is crafted to
result in a built environment that meets the goals of the Town of Boone Comprehensive Plan.

Current UDO

You may download a complete copy of the UDO below. Please note that this is a large file.

  • Unified Development Ordinance (last updated on May 9, 2019)

Please click on any of the following to download the UDO by Article.


The UDO is amended from time to time. Below is a list of those amendments
recently approved by the Town Council. We
highly recommended that you print out new chapters in their entirety.

Date Approved Case Number Description Articles Amended
04/10/2019 PL02333-030719 Modify UDO Section 15.11 to require mixed-use development to follow the same bedroom/unit
requirements as set forth in UOD Section 15.10 and to make revisions as to when parking can
be counted as part of the required commercial area.
Article 15
05/09/2019 PL02333-030719 Modify UDO Article 9 Amendments to clarify process for the initiation of zoning map and text amendments. Article 9
 05/09/2019  PL02335-030719  Modify UDO Article 6 Board of
Adjustment Hearings to clarify an applicant must produce substantial competent evidence and to
clarify in UDO Article 9 that any Conditional District application must meet the transitional zone requirements of UDO Subsection 6.02.2.
 Article 6, 9
 05/09/2019  PL02336-030719  Modify UDO Articles 15 District Use Requirements, Article 16 District
Standards, and Article 34 Definitions to update regulatory standards related wireless communication facilities including
qualified small wireless facilities. Changes made to Article 24 to reflect changes in numbering of Article 15.
 Article 15, 16, 24, 34
 05/09/2019  PL02337-030719  Modify UDO Article 18 B1 Central Business District Standards to allow installation of
historically appropriate awning and canopies on existing buildings.
 Article 18
 05/09/2019  PL02338-030719  Modify UDO Article 4 Permits to allow Staff flexibility in the processing of permit applications.  Article 4
 05/09/2019  PL02408-040419  Modify UDO Article 15 District Use Requirements to allow T-13 Temporary
Use 9.01 Public Colleges and Universities within the B3 General Business Zoning District subject to certain regulations.
 Article 15
6/27/2019  PL02455-041619 Modify UDO Article 9 Amendments to clarify and modify the public hearing process for consideration of UDO map and text amendments.  Article 9 

How can I request an amendment to the UDO?

Text amendments to the UDO may be initiated by submitting a complete application and associated fee to the
Planning and
Inspections Department.

Below is a brief summary of the process.

  1. Submit complete application with proposed text and pay associated fee to the Planning and Inspections
  2. Planning and Inspections Staff will forward request to Town Council and the next regularly scheduled
    Town Council
  3. Town Council reviews the proposed text and, if the request is approved, will send the case to be heard
    at a future
    public hearing.
  4. A public hearing before the Planning Commission and the Town Council is held.
  5. Subsequent to the Public Hearing, the Planning Commission meets to make recommendations on the case.
  6. The Planning Commission’s recommendations are then forwarded to the next scheduled Town Council. Council
    is the final
    approval authority for all UDO text amendments.

The overall time frame to complete the process may depend on the complexity of the proposed amendment.