Planning and Inspections

Unified Development Ordinance

The Planning and Inspections Department administers and enforces the Town of Boone Unified Development Ordinance
(UDO). The UDO is an ordinance regulating and controlling the development of land and matters relating thereto within
the Town of Boone to promote and protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community, and is crafted to
result in a built environment that meets the goals of the Town of Boone Comprehensive Plan.

Current UDO

You may download a copy of the UDO here. Please note that this is a large file.

  • Unified Development Ordinance (last updated on October 15, 2018)

Please click on any of the following to download the UDO by Article.


The UDO is amended from time to time. Below is a list of those amendments
recently approved by the Town Council. We
highly recommended that you print out new chapters in their entirety.

Date Approved Case Number Description Articles Amended
06/27/19 PL02455-041619 Modify the UDO to clarify and modify the public hearing process for consideration of UDO map and text amendments. Article 9
06/27/19 PL02335-030719 Modify the UDO to provide greater clarity regarding an applicant’s responsibility to produce competent evidence when requesting approval from the Board of Adjustment for a Special Use Permit or variance. Articles 6,9
11/19/19 PL03076-090919 Modify the UDO to create the R5 55+ Residential Zoning District and to make other associated with the creation of the new district. Articles 14, 15, 16, 24, 27, 31, 34
11/21/19 PL02634-060519 Modify the UDO to revise the circumstances that allow an applicant to pay a fee-in-lieu. Articles 15, 17, 23
12/16/19 PL03171-100319 Modify the UDO to create the R1S Small Home Residential Zoning District. Articles 15, 16, 26, 27, 34
12/16/19 PL03173-100319 Modify the UDO to increase the minimum lot size in the R3 Multiple Family Residential Zoning District. Article 16
12/16/19 PL03178-100319 Modify the UDO to reduce the maximum height in the B3 General Business Zoning District. Article 16

How can I request an amendment to the UDO?

Text amendments to the UDO may be initiated by submitting a complete application and associated fee to the
Planning and
Inspections Department.

Below is a brief summary of the process.

  1. Submit complete application with proposed text and pay associated fee to the Planning and Inspections
  2. Planning and Inspections Staff will forward request to Town Council and the next regularly scheduled
    Town Council
  3. Town Council reviews the proposed text and, if the request is approved, will send the case to be heard
    at a future
    public hearing.
  4. A public hearing before the Planning Commission and the Town Council is held.
  5. Subsequent to the Public Hearing, the Planning Commission meets to make recommendations on the case.
  6. The Planning Commission’s recommendations are then forwarded to the next scheduled Town Council. Council
    is the final
    approval authority for all UDO text amendments.

The overall time frame to complete the process may depend on the complexity of the proposed amendment.