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The Town of Boone, Watauga County and Appalachian State University are coordinating with AppHealthCare on the COVID-19 response.

While we now have seventy seven active cases in Watauga County of COVID-19 ( Novel Coronavirus ), we want to assure you that Town of Boone staff are hard at work to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the community. Please visit for the most up to date local information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services also are great resources for prevention, care and tracking where cases are being found. Clicking on this link will take you to the AppHealthCare Webpage, where you will also find links directly to the CDC and NCDHHS sites.

Governors Executive Orders

Executive Order 200 3.1.2021 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 199 2.26.2021 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 198 2.26.2021 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 197 2.26.2021 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 195 FAQ -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 195 Easing Restrictions -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 194 2.17.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 193 DHHS Extension 2.9.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 192 1.27.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 191 1.27.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 190 1.27.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 189 Extension of Stay at Home Order 1.27.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 188 1.6.21 Extension of Modified Stay at Home Order -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 187 1.4.21 Extending the State Health Coordinating Council -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 186 Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service 1.4.21 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 185 1.4.21 Extending Shareholder Nonprofit Remote Meetings -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 184 Evictions Extension and Unemployment Insurance Claims 12.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 183 Mixed Beverages 12.21.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 182 Disaster Declaration Alexander County 12.15.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 181 Modified Stay at Home 12.8.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 180 Face Coverings Requirements 11.23.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 179 11.16.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 178 SOE TS Eta 11.13.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 177 DHHS Provisions Extension 11.13.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 176 Phase 3 extension 11.10.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 175 Transportastion Waivers Hurricane Zeta 10.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 174 Disaster Declaration Town of Old Fort and Tryon 10.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 173 Share holder Nonprofits Remote Meetings Extension 10.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 172 Immunizations and Health Assessments Extension 10.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 171 Assisting North Carolina At Risk of Eviction 10.28.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 170 Phase 3 Extension 10.21.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 169 Phase 3 9.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 168 9.25.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 167 9.25.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 166 Termination of Executive Order 115 and 154 9.25.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 165 9.22.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 164 9.14.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 163 Phase 2.5 9.1.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 162 8.31.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 161 8.31.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 160 8.28.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 159 8.21.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive ORder 158 8.18.20 -Gov Cooper
Exectutive Order 157 8.14.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 156 8.11.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 155 8.5.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 154 7.31.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 153 7.18.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 152 7.24.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 151 7.16.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 150 7.14.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 149 Phase 2 7.2.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 148 6.26.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 147 Phase 2 Extension 6.24.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 146 6.19.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 145 6.9.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 144 Phase 2 6.5.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 143 Phase 2 6.4.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 142 Phase 2 5.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Phase 2 FAQ 5.20.20
Executive Order 141 Phase 2 5.20.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 140 5.18.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 139 5.12.20 -Gov Cooper
Phase 1 FAQ 5.5.20 -Gov Cooper
Phase 1 side by side comparison 5.5.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 138 5.5.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 137 4.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 136 4.24.20 -Gov Cooper
Governors 3 phase plan presentation(pdf) 4.24.20 -Gov Cooper
Governors 3 phase plan for lifting of restrictions 4.24.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 135 4.2.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 134 4.20.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 133 4.20.20 -Gov Cooper
Frequently Asked Qestions for Executive Order 131 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 132 4.14.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 131 4.9.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 130 4.8.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 129 4.7.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 128 4.3.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 127 4.3.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 125 4.1.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 124 3.31.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 123 3.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 122 3.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 122 3.30.20 -Gov Cooper
Executive Order 121 3.27.20 -Gov Cooper
Frequently Asked Questions Stay At Home Order
Click here for the Governors Executive Orders Site

Frequently Asked Questions

K-12 Strong Schools NC FAQ HEREWHEN DOES BOONE’S FACE MASK ORDER TAKE EFFECT? Saturday June 20th at 9:00 AM

WHO HAS TO WEAR A MASK UNDER BOONE’S ORDER? While indoors in any commercial business or Town office, in an area that is open to the general public, all customers, employees, and any other occupants or users of such area shall wear a face covering.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED A COMMERCIAL BUSINESS? “Commercial business” means any for-profit business open to the general public for the purchase of goods, entertainment or services, including by way of example but not limited to: retail stores (such as grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, ABC stores, and vehicle dealerships), restaurants, banks, and service businesses. “Commercial business” shall not be deemed to include County or State properties or facilities of any kind.

WHERE ELSE ARE FACE COVERINGS REQUIRED? All Town of Boone offices including Town Hall, Planning Department, Fire Department Stations, Police Department, Public Works Offices and Facilities, Jones House Community Center and the Boone ABC Store.

WHAT KIND OF FACE COVERING DO I HAVE TO WEAR? “Face covering” means a material covering the nose and mouth for the purpose of ensuring the physical health or safety of the wearer or others. See Session Law 2020-3 s. 4.3.(a)) (amending G.S. § 14-12.11). A face covering can be secured to the head with ties or straps or simply wrapped around the lower face. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, or linen. A cloth face covering may be factory-made or sewn by hand or can be improvised from household items such as scarfs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels. Acceptable, reusable face covering options for the general public include: bandanas, neck gaiters, homemade face coverings, scarves, or tightly woven fabric such as cotton t-shirts and some types of towels.

WHAT IF I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FACE MASK? Almost any cloth item that can be tied around your mouth and nose can be considered a face covering. The order suggests using scarves, bandannas or neck gaiters if you don’t have a cloth mask. You can even cut up T-shirts, sweatshirts or towels to make a covering that can be tied around your head.

Whatever you use for a face covering, it should be laundered between uses.

DO I HAVE TO WEAR A FACE MASK WHEN I GO FOR A WALK OR RUN? You do not have to wear a face mask if you are exercising outdoors alone (or with someone from your household) as long as you are physically distanced from other people.

DO PEOPLE WHO WORK IN STORES HAVE TO WEAR FACE MASKS? Yes. Anyone who works in a restaurant, grocery store, retail store, nail salon, hair salon, tattoo parlor or other personal care or grooming establishment in the Town of Boone is required to wear a face covering (covering the mouth and nose) while on duty.

WILL BUSINESSES REQUIRE ME TO WEAR A FACE MASK WHEN I GO INSIDE? Many businesses already do, but the new order from the Town of Boone requires customers to wear face coverings while inside establishments.

DO KIDS HAVE TO WEAR A FACE MASK? Children under 11 years old are not required to wear a face covering.

IF I HAVE TO WEAR A FACE MASK INSIDE A RESTAURANT, HOW CAN I EAT? Take the mask off when eating or drinking, but wear it other times.

WHO IS EXEMPT FROM THE FACE MASK ORDER? There are some exemptions to the order.

  1. to a person who cannot wear a face covering due to a medical or behavioral health condition, including but not limited to anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance;
  2. to children who are under (11) years of age;
  3. to a customer dining in a restaurant, while that customer is sitting at his or her table;
  4. to a law enforcement officer, or to any emergency responder, who reasonably deems it necessary to remove a face covering in the course of his or her duties;
  5. to a person complying with directions issued by a law enforcement officer as provided at Session Law 2020-3 s. 4.3.(a)) (amending G.S. § 14-12.11(c));
  6. to a person who reasonably deems it necessary to remove his or her face covering for safety reasons or in order to carry out his or her job duties.

HOW LONG IS BOONE’S FACE COVERING ORDER IN EFFECT? The order is in effect until modified or rescinded.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T WEAR A FACE MASK? A violation of this Section shall constitute a class 2 misdemeanor as provided at G.S. §166A-19.31(h); provided, however, that law enforcement officers shall first educate the offender as to the requirements set forth herein; upon a subsequent violation may issue a warning; and only in the event of repeat violations manifesting willful flouting or circumvention of this Declaration issue a criminal citation for violation of this Section; and further provided, that no criminal citation shall be issued for a violation of this Section until on or after 9:00 a.m. on July 11, 2020, so that residents, workers and visitors may be educated as to the requirements of this Amendment.

Town of Boone State of Emergency FAQ- effective 5/2/2020 2pm Town of Boone Forum 5/29 SOE FAQ

What do I need to do to expand or create temporary outdoor dining for my restaurant? Temporary Outdoor Dining Guidance Here

How do I determine the Emergency Maximum Occupancy?: or 828-268-6180

What businesses are expempt under Governor Cooper’s Executive Order to Stay at Home?: See Governors Executive Order here.

Are hotels, short term rental and air b&b open?: Watauga County Emergency Declaration Order

Are parks and playgrounds in Boone open?: The Boone Greenway is open. However, picnic shelters and playgrouds are closed to limit transmission.

I have concerns about my water being turned off or I’m having trouble paying my full bill. : The Town Manager has directed staff that there will be no shut offs during the Decelaration of Emergency. Citizens who have to make utilities or other payments should use the city’s online payment system at HERE. Payment by check or cash can be made at the city’s drop night depository box at Town Hall located on the side of the building next to the driveway. Utilities will not be disconnected during the duration of the Declaration of Emergency; however, arrangements must be made for payment by calling 828-268-6220.

Is Trash and Recycing pick up on schedule?: Residential trash pick-up is on a normal schedule. In an effort to protect collection workers so they can continue this service, please make sure to place all garbage in a garbage bag, which reduces their exposure potential! Republic Services can be reached at 828-264-3689.

How have other Town of Boone operations been impacted?: See the letter from the Mayor and Town Manager HERE

Town Council

Public Participation: Watch the Meeting: Anyone can view the Council meeting live HERE. Public Participation: Individuals who wish to address Council during remote public participation can do so through WebEx either online or by phone. If you wish to provide public comment, please email Town Manager, John A. Ward III at or call in at 828-268-6205 and you will be provided with an invite to the meeting. All registrations must be completed by 5:45PM on the day of the meeting. Participants should complete the registration form provided in the meeting invite to be included in public participation and view further instructions. Staff will moderate the WebEx session to ensure all participants have an opportunity to address Council. Individuals who require user assistance registering or joining the WebEx event can call 828-406-1707 for support. Note: To preserve bandwidth and ensure an orderly meeting, only individuals who wish to address Council should use the WebEx link. Anyone who wants to watch the meeting, but not address Council, should view the livestream at the link above.