About Boone, NC

The town of Boone sits in Watauga County atop the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Serving as the county seat and market town, Boone is also home to Appalachian State University. Our town gets its name from the famous pioneer and explorer, Daniel Boone. The Town of Boone was incorporated in 1872 and now has reached a population of 19,458 people. At 3,333 feet above sea level, Boone sits at the highest elevation of any town its size east of the Mississippi!

Summertime in Boone usually consists of temperatures no hotter than 76°F. Noticeably cooler than surrounding lowland areas, Boone may be just the place to escape the heat of a Carolina Summer. Winters in Boone are also colder than most. The regular snowfall provides perfect opportunities for wintry sports! Located off the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway, Boone offers a four season playground for families and adventure seekers alike.

Just miles away from Grandfather Mountain, Boone is known as one of the best outdoor adventure destinations in the Southeast. Boone boasts charming local businesses as well as a progressive school system that has been consistently rated for its excellence. The strong sense of community and natural beauty makes Boone stand out as one of the best places to visit, learn and live.