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Town of Boone Residential Outdoor Water Audit

  1. Give Yourself 1 Point For Every “Yes” and 0 Points For Every “No”
  2. Do you use an automatic shut-off nozzle when your hose is on?
  3. Do you sweep rather than hose off your driveway and walkway?
  4. Do you measure lawn watering?
  5. Do you winterize outdoor pipes to prevent freezing, leaking or bursting?
  6. Do you use mulch to minimize evaporation?
  7. Do you wash your car with a bucket and a sponge?
  8. Do you time your watering periods to make sure that you don’t overwater?
  9. Do you adjust your sprinklers to prevent misting?
  10. Do you collect rain water to water your garden?
  11. Do you water your lawn when it is cooler and calm to avoid evaporation?
  12. Do you have plants that match your climate and conditions?
  13. Do you have re-circulating pumps on pools, ponds or fountains?
  14. Score Results:
    • 0-5: You have room for improvement
    • 5-9: You are on your way! 
    • 9-12: You are conserving water!
  15. With your effort, you are helping to protect the environment, lower your water bill, and have a healthy landscape that is less expensive and easier to maintain!
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