What Should Go in My Recycling Bin?

Accepted Items

Recyclables accepted in your 96-gallon recycling cart are listed below.


  • Cardboard, gift boxes, shoe boxes (flattened)
  • Computer paper, office paper, color paper, envelopes
  • Gift wrap paper (without foil backing or glitter)
  • Pizza, cereal and food boxes (no food debris)
  • Magazines, telephone books, paperback books
  • Milk and juice cartons/boxes (must be empty)
  • Mixed paper, newspapers with inserts, junk mail


  • Wide-mouth plastic containers and lids


  • All plastic bottles and containers (numbers 1 through 7)
  • Rigid plastics (toys, buckets, plant pots, trays, etc.)


  • Aluminum cans and steel cans including lids
  • Aluminum foil (no food debris)
  • Empty aerosol cans (no Paint cans)

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