Boone Cemetery Interpretative Panels Project

Boone HPC Project Page for Boone Cemetery Interpretative Panels

The Boone Town Council tasked the HPC with creating interpretative panels for the Boone Cemetery in March of 2021. The HPC started creating draft text for the panels in September of 2022 and worked on several iterations of the panel text over the last year. The HPC values public feedback and continues to review the proposed panel text, considering all comments regarding the next steps for the Boone Cemetery Interpretative Panels project. 

At the beginning of the project, the HPC was considering installing four (4) interpretative panels within the Boone Cemetery, with the first two near the entrance, the third near the previously installed fence line once dividing the cemetery, and the fourth near the Union Solider grave sites. 

During a Special Meeting on October 17, 2023, the HPC decided to reduce the number of panels from four (4) to two (2) with an additional sign (one sign) regarding rules for appropriate and respectful behavior when visiting the cemetery. The current project idea is for a panel near the cemetery entrance describing a brief history of the Boone Cemetery and a second panel near the previously installed fence line once dividing the cemetery. 

The HPC continued their discussion at the November 7, 2023, and November 14, 2023, Advisory meetings, where the HPC finalized the proposed interpretative panel text. The final version of the panel text will be presented to the Town Council at the Special Town Council meeting on December 4th, for the Town Council's consideration. 

Please review the document link below for the final revised text. 

Latest Revised Text as of November 2023: Final Panel Text of the two (2) Cemetery Panels and one (1) Rules Sign (PDF) - for Town Council consideration

HPC Meeting Packets

Meeting Packets are available through the Town's Meeting Portal. The meeting portal is accessible through the Town's website. In the HPC's meeting packets, you will find information regarding the sign style chosen for the interpretative panels and suggested images the HPC has decided to use in the interpretative panels.