Town of Boone 1872 Award Information and Application


Drawing inspiration from the Boone 150 celebration, Council Member Dalton George proposed The Town of Boone 1872 Award as a way for the Town to recognize people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the Town in a manner different from a proclamation. Working alongside the Town's Cultural Resources Advisory Board, the application process for the award was created. The application deadline for the inaugural Town of Boone 1872 Award will be April 30, 2023.

The objective of the 1872 Award is to provide an annual opportunity to recognize living individuals and active organizations for their substantial contributions to the Town of Boone. Those eligible to be nominated are any individual or organization that has made a significant impact on the Town of Boone. Nominations will be reviewed by the Cultural Resources Advisory Board and final recommendations will be provided to the Town Council for final approval. Up to three awards may be presented each calendar year, including up to two individuals and one organization. Awards will be presented by the Mayor or a member of Town Council at a significant Town of Boone public event such as Boonerang Music & Arts Festival, the July 4th Celebration, or Festive First Friday. The deadline for nominations if April 30th, 2023.


Any individual or organization that has made a significant impact on the Town of Boone may be nominated. Town of Boone residence is not required. Town of Boone staff and elected officials are not eligible. Posthumous nominations will not be considered. Anyone may make a nomination. Once submitted, nominations will stay on file for three years. The Town of Boone 1872 Award honors both innovation, preservation, service, and tradition, recognizing residents and organizations for outstanding contributions to the Town of Boone. The award will not be issued in recognition of ideological, political or religious beliefs. The following list provides some examples of rationale for nominations:

  • Contributed to the cultural fabric of Boone, helping preserve, pass-on, or celebrate local traditions. 
  • Made outstanding public service contributions by participating in or implementing projects that benefit the community.
  • Improved the quality of life in Boone by helping to protect the health of our environment or increase sustainability. 
  • Made important educational impact on the residents of Boone.
  • Enhanced recreational opportunities for the people and visitors of Boone. 
  • Helped make important contributions to the historic preservation of the Town. 
  • Increased the economic vitality of the Town of Boone and its residents.

Submission Form:

To submit a nomination, please use the Town of Boone 1872 Award Online Nomination Form. If you would prefer a paper copy, please download the Town of Boone 1872 Award Nomination Form (PDF) and either email the form to Nicole Harmon, Town Clerk, at or bring the nomination form to Town Hall, located at 567 West King Street.