71% of the Earth is covered in water. 2.5% is considered 'drinkable'. 1% is actually usable.  Boone is extremely fortunate to have multiple sources of fresh water and is committed to protecting and restoring them. Winkler Creek, Boone Creek, Hodges Creek, and Hardin Creek are the main creeks running throughout the Town of Boone. The South Fork of the New River is the main river flowing through and out of town. With these natural resources, we know that we can't and, more importantly, shouldn't, take advantage. That's why the Town of Boone has created programs, funded projects and built infrastructure to help conserve and utilize the resources we have been given with the utmost respect. 

Read below the ways the Town of Boone is protecting our water sources, as well as providing resources for conservation and applying innovated methods to stormwater.

  1. Conservation
  2. Restoration
  3. Stormwater

The Town of Boone offers many programs which are meant to help encourage our residents to conserve water. But, why do we conserve water? While we are extremely fortunate to have access to three (3) intakes, conserving water in your home can:

  • Save you as the consumer money and resources
  • Reduce the amount of water diverted from our rivers, streams, and waterways which ultimately;
  • Keeps our environment and ecosystems happy and healthy!

Listed below are the program which our Public Works department oversees. The tangible resources through these programs are available to the residents of Boone, however, the tips and tricks listed within these programs are great for all.

Every Drop Counts:

Every Drop Counts is Boone's Water Conservation Program through the Public Works Department. Education for children and adults is available here, as well as information regarding the Town's rebate programs, water audit programs and the "Waterwise Citizenship Award".

Toilet Rebate Program:

In June of 2011, the Town of Boone Town incorporated a WaterSense® High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program into their “Every Drop Counts” Water Conservation Program. The goal of this program is to continue water conservation awareness by actively involving the community. By purchasing and installing any new WaterSense® labeled high efficiency toilet single family residences can apply for up to 3, $100 max rebates (rebate price varies depending on toilet cost), while multi-family/commercial users can apply for up to 10, $50 rebates.