71% of the Earth is covered in water. 2.5% is considered 'drinkable'. 1% is actually usable.  Boone is extremely fortunate to have multiple sources of fresh water and is committed to protecting and restoring them. Winkler Creek, Boone Creek, Hodges Creek, and Hardin Creek are the main creeks running throughout the Town of Boone. The South Fork of the New River is the main river flowing through and out of town. With these natural resources, we know that we can't and, more importantly, shouldn't, take advantage. That's why the Town of Boone has created programs, funded projects and built infrastructure to help conserve and utilize the resources we have been given with the utmost respect. 


Conservation is a main concern regarding sustainable water use. Reducing water usage by following simple tips and tricks can make a real impact regarding the amount of water the Town of Boone as a whole uses. From the Every Drop Counts program to a Toilet Rebate Program, Boone has made it a priority to make water conservation easy, rewardable and fun!


With the amount of freshwater sources flowing through, around, and out of Boone, continued restoration is a must. Bank Erosion is natural, but usually not in a way that degrades the stream. Increased stormwater runoff up-stream could start a 'downward cutting' process which leads to unstable and eroding stream banks. For both safety of the rivers and creeks, as well as the safety of our citizens and visitors, the Town of Boone has restored many creek and river banks to help prevent further erosion.