Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits:

Do you want to host a Special Event in the Town of Boone? Whether it’s a parade, a charity run or anything in between, in order to host a Special Event, the Town of Boone has necessary guidelines in order to keep everyone involved safe and informed. So, what is considered a ‘special event’?

A 'Special Event' is defined as follows: All street fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades, marches, rallies, demonstrations, and other activities or public events that require the temporary closing or obstruction of all or a portion of any street or other public right-of-way or that substantially hinders or prevents the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic along any street or other public right-of-way. 

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Town of Boone Special Event Permit Application

  1. Requirements for Special Event Permits
  2. Fees, Standards and Responsibilities
  3. Street Closure

What are the Requirements for Special Events?

The very first requirement for hosting special events which require the temporary closing or obstruction of public streets or right of ways is to obtain a Special Event Permit from the Town Clerk.

Application for a Special Event Permit:

Applications for the permit authorized by this chapter shall be submitted on a form provided by the Town Clerk and shall contain the following information: 

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of the person, organization or entity seeking to conduct or sponsor the event. 
  2. Name, address, and telephone number of the individual in charge of the event. 
  3. The proposed date and time period when the event will be conducted. 
  4.  A sketch-map showing:
    1. The area where the event is to take place.
    2. Any streets to be closed or obstructed. 
    3. Any barriers or traffic-control devices that will be erected. 
    4. The location of any concession stand, booth, or other temporary structures or facilities.
    5. The location of proposed fences, stand, platforms, benches, or bleachers. 
  5. The approximate number of people expected to attend the event. 
  6. When applicable, a request that the town provide specified services and/or that the town close identified streets or portions of streets for a particular period. 
  7. Sufficient proof of liability insurance in accordance with § 95.05. 
  8. Any other information determined by the Administrator to be necessary to insure compliance with this chapter. 

Staff Review for Proposed Special Event Permits:

Upon receipt of the permit application, the Town Clerk shall circulate it to the Police  Chief, the Fire Chief, the Public Works Director, and other appropriate persons for their comment. The Clerk may arrange to have a conference on the application with the applicant and one or more department heads.

Insurance Requirement for Special Events:

The Town Clerk may require as a condition precedent or subsequent to issuance of the permit that the applicant obtain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy or comparable special events liability business in this state with coverage that includes the entire area of the event. If such a policy is required, the town shall be named as an additional insured on the policy. The policy limits of such insurance shall be not less than: 

  •  Property damage: 
    • $50,000 for each occurrence 
  • Bodily injury or death: 
    • $100,000 for each person
    • $300,000 for each occurrence