Boone Police 911 Telecommunicators Among the First

by Shane Robbins

Two Boone Police Department 911 Communications employees are among 28 graduates of the first Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Manager Certification Program. Communications Supervisor Kevin Hardy and Senior Telecommunicator Bridget Kliene, along with 26 other graduates, received their completion certificates at Richmond Community College on Friday, January 26, 2018.

Richmond Community College worked with the North Carolina State 911 Board and current PSAP Managers from across the state for four years to develop the course. The PSAP Manager Certification Program consists of five classes, each taking five weeks to complete. Students cover the history of the 911 system and the NC 911 Board, budgeting, finance, human relations, operations and technology. The North Carolina State 911 Board paid for the course tuition allowing the participants to attend at no cost to the students.

“This has been a great collaborative effort between the North Carolina 911 Board and the North Carolina Community College System to fill an educational void had by the men and women in charge of our 911 centers,” said Richard Taylor, Executive Director of the NC 911 Board.

“I am very proud of Kevin and Bridget for completing this senior management program. This being the inaugural certification course shows their commitment to learning new methods and technology. This is another example of how our employees have dedicated themselves to providing excellent quality service to the citizens of the Town of Boone”. – Chief of Police Dana Crawford

(From Left: Senior Telecommunicator Bridget Kliene, Chief of Police Dana Crawford,  Communications Supervisor Kevin Hardy)