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Join the Jones House each month for the First Friday Art Crawl! During the Art Crawl, the Jones House will host an art reception honoring the month’s artist with food and refreshments for all. Be sure to make the Jones House one of your stops during Art Crawl. The Jones House First Friday Art Crawl gallery reception is from 6:30 - 8:00 PM.

Art Galleries

The Mazie Jones Gallery in the heart of the historic Jones House is named for Mazie Jones Levenson, who grew up in the home and was instrumental in its preservation as a cultural and community center in Boone. The gallery features monthly rotating exhibits, displaying work from talented local artists, photographers, and craftspeople. Currently, Alan Gordon, a local artist from North Carolina is featured!

Current Artist: Elaine O'Quinn

I have always thought of collage as a transgressive means of artistic storytelling. Perhaps that is because of the pure physicality of it. Adding mixed media as in found objects, stenciling, textured layers, and cut-outs contributes to a topographical effect that reaches out and invites viewers to think not only creatively but critically about a pieces. the aesthetic as well as the conceptual cues must be considered. Collage requires a constant rearranging of collected materials in order to tell a story, and I often find myself guided by the textures and patterns of thangs as much as by size and shape and even whim. Since collage leverages and manipulates pre-existing materials into new works of art, the notion of sustainability is inherent in the practice itself.

To that end, when envisioning a series of work that would highlight women’s knowledges systems as conservers and chroniclers of life, collage seemed the perfect vehicle. It offers both a surrogate and contrarian voice in culture that dismisses the unconventional and strives to impose boundaries at every turn. There is an ironic measure of randomness and absurdity in collage that in the end allows that which is inscrutable to be known. While on the surface it might seems frivolous, collage has the capacity to relay principles of considerable weight. For example, I have chosen to work flowers into each collage. I did this because nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers or plants. Hope, healing, loss, luck, and love have been the symbolic messages of flowers for centuries. Collage also invites mixed media attention, so it a natural to integrate with other art forms, which I have done by way of narrative.

Narrative seems the perfect companion to extend the meaning of the pieces in this collection. The intent is for the collage itself to be more than just a representative image. Written text allows the art to be read beyond an abstract engagement and mindfulness. Events, histories, myths, cultures, ideas, experiences, and emotions become tangible reflections and responses that not only stimulate the imagination but open up the possibilities of creative connections. These collages are meant to give the viewers pause about the piecemeal ways women are too often viewed. I see them as a hall of mirrors reflecting art made from life. As such, neither the women nor the art can ever be fully resolved or captured.

-Elaine O’Quinn